War in Ukraine


  • On February 24, 2022 the heart of every Ukrainian in the world shattered. Russia started a full-scale attack on the Ukraine’s territory from Russia, annexed Crimea, and Belarus. Within days, entire Ukraine’s Territory was impacted. It started with rocket attacks (including ballistic rockets). Tanks and Infantry soldiers followed.  In the days to come, war intensified with Russian troops attacking military and civil infrastructure, airports, hospitals and most of all – civilians.

  • Ukrainian people are suffering the full-scale military aggression of Russia. The people who cannot exit sieged cities because Russians block humanitarian corridors. The people who are hiding underground and cannot exit the subway stations and bunkers, because they may be shot while trying to get food. The people who pray that it’s snowing outside, because they can melt the snow for water.  The teenage girls who get raped on a daily basis, and later die from their wounds or commit suicide.  The people who try bury their neighbors and get shot while doing so.

  • This is exactly the situation in a number of Ukrainian cities, with one of them (the city of Mariupol) being considered the largest humanitarian disaster of this century. This is a genocide of Ukrainians, much like the Holodomor that Stalin and the Soviet Union carried out against Ukrainians decades ago. Putin has proven himself to be worse than Hitler, and RF army is worse than nazi Wehrmacht. Ukrainian survivors of World War 2 can attest that. 

  • As Ukrainian army puts up an enormously brave fight against the Russian invasion, Ukrainians are united as never before. Locally, Ukrainian Americans in DFW have never been so busy, sending tons of medical aid and hundreds of thousands of dollars of donations to Ukraine.  We STAND WITH UKRAINE, and ask that you do so as well.

KYIV, UKRAINE – FEBRUARY 25: Resident of Kyiv – capital of Ukraine – who used to live in the area of Kyiv where Russian rockets fell.

IRPIN, UKRAINE – MARCH 07: Ukrainian military helps residents of Irpin to evacuate via a destroyed bridge after Russian forces entered the city.


  • As the war is going on in Ukraine, Ukrainian Cultural Club of Dallas (UCCD) became a major driving force behind organizing Ukrainian community in DFW and providing financial and humanitarian help to our war-stricken country.
  • UCCD is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization, which from the very first weeks of the war has shipped tons of humanitarian aid to Ukraine, and has remitted hundreds of thousands of dollars in charitable donations. The charities we work with are trusted organizations that operate straight out of Ukraine, which allows UCCD to direct donations towards making a real impact in the timeliest manner.
  • As of today, about 55 tons of humanitarian aid have been shipped to Ukraine, 500 Elite tactical IFAK trauma kits, and 400 CAT tourniquets. We have used the Ukie Style Embroidery Art store in Dallas as our physical donations drop-off center. Watch this YouTube video to see what a typical day in the life of this store looked like in March: VIDEO 
  • In addition, the dollar amounts below have been remitted to Ukraine:
    • $89,500 to Hetmans Region Charity Fund – Zaporizhia-based organization to supply the Zaporizhzhia Military Hospital with the very much-needed and life-saving ventilator along with a long list of medical supplies. 
    • $67,600 to Daruj Dobro – Kharkiv-based charity that organizes humanitarian aid deliveries to civilians hiding in bomb shelters and subway stations for safety reasons. Kharkiv is among the most impacted cities and is in dire need of help.
    • $50,000 to Ukrainian American Coordinating Council, for the purchase of protective gear for the civilian defense units.
    • $40,000 to Misto Dobra, for housing, medical aid, food and hygiene items of internally displaced people.
    • $20,000 to Charity fund Pilgrim, to support the children and adults in care or this organization.
    • $46,500 to WILNI Org, which supports children in ATO zone, as well as fighters and wounded warriors coming back from Donbas.
    • $20K to Caritas-Zakarpattya, which is a charitable organization supporting humanitarian aid efforts out of Uzhgorod regions.
    • $7,300 to Ukrainian Volunteer Organization “Help” which provides charitable assistance in response to the russian invasion. They buy cars, organize humanitarian aid, and conduct efforts specifically designed to help children.
  • Please note that all tax-deduction receipts along with the financial report (as required by IRS) will be distributed at the end of the tax year. Financial distribution updates will be published here and in our Facebook page
  • Since some organizations we’re working with are in the middle of the action providing much-needed relieve to Ukrainians, we don’t ask for letters of appreciation for our donations. However, messages such as the one below sure warm our hearts!



  • First of all, if you can donate to a Ukrainian charity you know and trust – please do so. Local organizations, such as UCCD have been working tirelessly to deliver real help to people of Ukraine, in Ukraine. Ukrainian Americans in DFW alongside our communities came together like never before, to support Ukrainian citizens and alleviate some of the pain and devastation caused by the war. As we carry on this mission, we appreciate your consideration to donate to UCCD.
  • Secondly, please support the sanctions against RF. This puts a pressure on their economy, and can stop the financing of their war machine. Some media may say that this is Putin’s war, and people are not to blame. This sentiment is wrong! It’s not putin himself dropping hundreds of bombs on apartment complexes and schools. It’s not putin himself raping and murdering people and looting their homes. It’s not putin himself shelling everything and everybody in the streets. It’s RF people who invaded Ukraine, and the only way to stop this is to stop our taxes and our money going into RF economy and funding this war!
  • Boycott the products of the companies that haven’t exited RF. In our own Dallas we have Kimberly Clark and Mary Kay, both of which continue doing business in Russia. Educate yourself on these things, and make small steps towards making the right decision of not doing business with such companies.
  • Thirdly, do your part to help close the sky over Ukraine. Imagine bombs flying at your home, and your friends saying “we’re deeply concerned”. Would that be enough for you? If that is not enough for YOU, use your power as American people to make your voices heard. Please write to your congressmen urging them to support Ukraine and close the sky. Ukraine has been receiving unprecedented support from our allies, including the US, but bombs and missiles are flying at our civilians, and the only way to prevent that is to close the sky and provide Ukraine with air defense.
  • Right now, Ukraine is on the frontline of defending the world order, and democracy. As American people, this sentiment should be very near and dear to your hearts, so please do your part to help Ukraine win this war.

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Shopping list for

As the war in Ukraine has been raging for almost a year, #terroristrussia is continuing a targeted assault on Ukrainian energy infrastructure that is causing power outages, complete disruption, and loss of people’s lives.
With the proceeds from the Ukrainian Christmas Charity Concert 2022 headlined by #RUSLANA we’ve already placed an order for 8 powerful commercial-grade generators and 2 sets of portable flexible solar panels. We would really like to buy more.
Please, see a nice summary of the NUE company we partnered with and their products. They take Ukraine aid very close to their hearts and work very efficiently, delivering crucially needed equipment to locations in Ukraine.